you'll grow into it

You’ll Grow Into It

When I was a kid, a.k.a. a long, long time ago, the most usual method of updating my wardrobe was not to go to Nordstrom and drop $500 to buy a pair of jeans that are pre-ripped and look like they have mud on them (it’s a thing; look it up).  I didn’t get to go to Walmart for some…

to sleep, where everything seems clear


She lay in bed for far too long. Long after the alarm went off. Long after the time when she normally would have showered, dressed and rolled out the door. She probably would be too late to get breakfast by now, and it might even be too late to get a cup of coffee before the pot turned off and…

Check It Out

If you’re coming to this page from Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, MySpace (WHAT YEAR IS IT?!), Twitter or any other social media outlet, my legal team (me) wishes to inform you that this site has not been approved by the FDA and any claims, promises, jokes or vague references are representative of the views of the paid volunteer staff (me). Any…

you keep using that word

A Good Word for Good Words

“Hlisten to my hwords” At 3 years old, my daughter would say that when I couldn’t understand what she wanted. She attended a preschool that had a very Hispanic influence (south PHX, yo), so she naturally picked up the accent (she lost it later and picked up mine… poor thing).  Sometimes I would make her say stuff just because the accent…

you might have a puppy

7 Signs You Have a Puppy

There’s a new love in my life, and her name is Pixie’s Miss Greta Garbo. It’s been years since I’ve had a puppy in the house, and I’ve noticed there have been some major changes since a new dog came to live with me.

remember this

Remember This

Remember to give a nod, raise a glass, or maybe just a post a comment on your favorite website (ahem…) to say thank you to all those who fought, and all those who fight, and all those who sacrifice for our freedom and for our right to celebrate any way we choose.