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Remember This

Remember to give a nod, raise a glass, or maybe just a post a comment on your favorite website (ahem...) to say thank you to all those who fought, and all those who fight, and all those who sacrifice for our freedom and for our right to celebrate any way we choose.

My Area of Refuge

Oh hey there. I bet you’re surprised to see me. You’re not alone… cuz I’m here! There’s been a lot of talk these days about how I need to write more often (or at all), and yes, I’m the one […]

I’ll Have the Usual

I woke up this morning and made my way down to the gym. No really! Then i peeked in the window of the gym and saw that there is still no actual gym equipment in the gym (say gym again). […]

Like Dear Ol’ Dad Did

I walk like my dad. I got up in the middle of the night last night to answer the call of nature. That in itself is really not that blog-worthy, cuz it happens more than I’d care to admit. I’m […]

Two Years

It’s hard to believe it’s been 2 years already. The crazy part is how time goes by so quickly, especially considering how much of it I spend thinking about you. I know I missed too many birthdays and Father’s Days […]

Must Be the Heat

Dear APS, The heat is making me simmer. I think it needs to make you simmer. As in simma down now! The heat really does make me simmer. And it makes my electric bill be extremely high too. But I […]

And Now… the Conclusion(s)

If you haven’t already, you have to go read yesterday’s post  to know what’s going on.  Or don’t.  Whatever.  Read your books backwards.  See if I care. Quick poll… did anyone choose “Wake Up and Smell What the Rock is […]

Wake Up

I was going to title this Wake Up and Smell the Roses. but then I remembered that some people aren’t really big fans of roses. I was going to change it to Wake Up and Smell the Coffee, but I […]

Hope Winters Eternal

So.  There’s something you really need to know.  I mean really.  “cause this will save us all a lot of embarrassment later, especially if you remember what I’m about to tell (write) you. If you’re ever at Casa de Hathaway […]

Thanksgiving Day Safety

Tips to avoid the ER and enjoy the holidays Oh hi!  It’s time for my semi-annual post!  Remember when I used to write every day… and then a couple of times a month… and then once a quarter… (you see […]

Not a Problem

3 miles at the gym today… what a workout! OMHeck I can’t take this heat anymore!  Triple digits already??? 3 is too much!! (follow the link!  do it!!) What the crap, Walmart?  Do your return cart areas really need to […]

Dude, Where’s My Car(t)?

So I’m back in the frozen foods section, looking for my latest made-from-scratch meal (hey, when I sign my name on the credit card machine, it looks kinda like scratching). I settled on the garlic chicken vegetable medley (yum) cuz […]

What Dreams May Come

“History remembers the battle, but forgets the blood”. How disappointed I was to find that this was not really a quote by a historical figure, but merely a line from a movie (Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, no less).  I was a little […]

My Happiness…

A Life Well Lived

My Dad died on October 13, 2012.  I don’t have a pretty or poetic way to announce that; I just have the fact.  What I do have is a pretty/poetic way to tell him how much he meant to all […]

Dance With Me

Yes it’s really me.  You probably thought I got killed and died or fell off a cliff or broke my typing finger or something.  I know I’ve been very neglectful of our time here (neglectified? Neglectorial?)  Lemme rephrase… I know I haven’t […]

All You Did

A little to the left, Cap’n. I had the opportunity recently to go see the Titanic.  The exhibit, not the movie.  I’ve seen the movie.  I’ve seen the documentaries.  I’ve even been through the exhibit before.  But this time was […]

Say What?

Wow!  Would you look at the time!?  Is it almost April already!?! I know I haven’t written in a long, long time (and I know that you know that too!).  I appreciate you not giving up on me and checking […]

New Year’s Revolution

Happy New Year! Please be safe and happy tonight, and every night through 2012. And I plan to say the same thing next year, no matter what the Mayan calendar says. 🙂 I’ve been pondering and thinking and wondering and […]

What You Need

Finally! Finally we get some cooler weather!! What’s that? You thought I was saying finally cuz I haven’t posted in so long? Ha ha! I don’t even post often enough to worry about how often I post! But since I […]

Norman Has a Girlfriend

Seal meets girl. Seal falls in love with girl. The end. from Bob Dobalina on Vimeo.

My Christmas Lights This Year

When You Wish Upon a Star…

I was flipping through movie sites on the interwebs today (much like a normal person would flip through TV channels) and landed on a movie called “Stardust”.  it’s about a star that falls from the sky, and the young man […]

In Case of Emergency

Have you ever inhaled peanut butter? Well I think I just did, and I gotta tell ya.. it’s not a fun time. I’ve been coughing peanut dust for about 20 minutes. That’s not an easy confession for me to make.. […]

Worth the Fight

I’ve got nothing on. The TV, I mean. Hey, this is a family friendly blog… what were you thinking? I’m one of those cheapies who doesn’t have cable/Dish/DirecTV. I satisfy most of my tube-watching desires with a good dosage of […]

I Can’t Tell You

the sheer and utter panic that comes from pressing ‘Publish” in WordPress and having the login screen pop up. It’s like writing a really long, awesome comment on someone’s blog and having it disappear because you didn’t put in the […]

Post Like No One’s Reading

Last night I had the strangest dream. No, I didn’t sail away to China (vague Ace of Base reference)… in fact it wasn’t really even last night. It was a few nights ago, I just needed that song hook to […]

Call Me Superstitious

OK. Don’t really. Cuz I’m not. This is gonna seem really weird (have you met me?).. but I fired up and logged into the ol’ lappytoppy this morning and there was a page on Tourette’s syndrome open (I usually put […]

Oh Say Can You Sea

Before we get started, I would like to post a Public Service Announcement. Or maybe it’s more like a Public Service Pleading. Either way, brb. Dear Guy at the Gym in Stretch Pants, Please stop. Sincerely, Everyone Else at the […]

When You Need a Boost

Well Hi There! How you doin? It seems like I haven’t seen you in a month of Sundays, doesn’t it? I am SO glad that it’s May! I’m at least glad it’s not April anymore, cuz that was kind of […]

What Really Happened

What time is it? I’m sorry, what? It’s mid-April already?! I’m just gonna go ahead and rip April off my calendar… I can’t believe I’ve slept a third of the year away already. And what have I done with the […]

Ask Yourself One Question…

Hey, you wanna try something new? Ya? Feeling adventurous? Well I’m always up for it… so let’s do this. You write this post. What’s that? Oh, ok. I guess it would be hard for you to do if you don’t […]

For the Last Time

This is maybe the fifth revision of this post since I started writing it over a week ago.  I don’t usually struggle with posts this much (and I wish I could say that the struggling and time delay will make […]

Way Better

I wrecked the racer. Ya, that’s right. Took some serious retread to the front which knocked all of its teeth out, not to mention a big chunk of the grill and bits of the A/C condensor. 🙁 But this post […]

The Bear unNecessities

Yawn… Stretch… Oh hi there! What are you doing here so early? What? What time is it? It’s Feb 25!!! Wow, it’s a good thing you woke me up! I might have slept right through the rest of the month! […]

I Was Wrong

You read that right, I was wrong. (I was surprised too!) And I’m not afraid to admit it. In fact, I’m pretty happy about it. It doesn’t happen very often (well, the being wrong part doesn’t anyway), but I’m willing […]

The Way I See It

Do you remember, way back a long time ago.. when I talked about sitting on the porch swing and looking at the stars or out across the valley?  I know that it’s been months, and I know a lot can […]

It’s That Time Again

So… how’s your year going so far?  I can’t believe it’s 3 weeks in already! (and the time between posts just gets longer) My year is really off to a wonderful start… if things keep going like they are I […]

Happy New Year!!!

A Second Chance

There comes a time in your life, at least there does for some people (like me), when it doesn’t really matter how old you are. I know what you’re thinking… that I’m just an overgrown 14 year-old anyway. It’s true, […]

I’m a Little Stressed

Maybe it’s the holidays. Maybe it’s that today is the shortest day of the year. Maybe it’s that it was so cloudy last night that I missed part of the eclipse. Or maybe it’s that I spent most of the […]

When It’s Time to Change

I’ve been listening to Christmas music quite a bit lately (’tis the season, ya know) and have noticed a recurring theme across a lot of stations/songs/artists.  There are some very common sightings in the ‘otherworld’ out there.  I’m not saying […]

Did I Miss Something

I woke up this morning at about 3:30, which is unusually early, even for me.  The strangest part (as if 3:30 isn’t strange enough) is that I woke up with a sense of urgency.  No, not like that!  It wasn’t […]

A Craigslist Miracle

Every year at this time (yes, thanksgiving time), I tell myself that Thanksgiving is little more than a couple of days off work and a good excuse to eat too much. And every year I find out how wrong I […]

The Same Old Story

Hi! How was your morning? Mine started out a little bit late… I missed the gym this morning (gasp!). Hey, it happens. I even went to bed at a fairly reasonable time last night (after doing the p90 kenpo workout. […]

Just Be Yourself

by ShilohAsha I was always shy. I was quiet too. I didn’t make friends with everyone, But I wasn’t alone. People used to tell me “Just be yourself.” What if that is me? I always told people How nice they […]

More Than I Expected

I was sitting here in my comfy little office chair (is it still an office chair if it’s not in a office?) listening to some Matchbox 20 and typing vigorously (yes, vigorously) while trying to get my random thoughts to […]

I Gotta Go

Hey guess what I did today? Give up? Lemme script it out for you… You: Well, let’s see. It’s Friday, so it must be yoga. Ding! We have a winner! I do tend try to make the Friday morning yoga […]

First and Goal

I was at the gym the other day Wait.. don’t go anywhere… this is a new post. It’s not a repeat or a ‘best of’ (if there could be a ‘best of’ what I try to pass off as blogging)… […]

I Got This Covered

I went to IKEA today (why do they make that all caps? what does it stand for? I Know Everything’s Alright… ya. I got nothing.) Ya know, whatever This is that gets me all sidetracked, (I blame my distraction) it’s […]

The Company We Keep

I was walking through WalMart yesterday… actually I was shopping… I don’t do a whole lot of strolling around WalMart just to kill time, waiting for excitement to show up. But occasionally that does happen. 🙂 Anyway, I was shopping […]

Back on Track

Welcome back! How ya been? I hope that life is treating you okay, cuz I have to tell you, life is treating me so very well. (and so are you!) You’ve been extremely patient in waiting for the posts… Is […]

An Executive Decision

Hi… you! Does it seem like forever since I’ve written? Or does it seem more like a couple of weeks? Cuz it’s kinda been both… you know how sometimes a couple of weeks can seem like forever? So what’s been […]

the Key to Life

I have some shocking news. I hope you’re ready for this. Are you ready? Cuz I need you to be ready… Today. I did not go to the gym. (gasp!) I know! I was pretty shocked myself. I stayed up […]

Competitive Speed Yoga

for fun and weight loss If you have been on this blog before, you know that I am a gym junkie. I am at the gym 7 days a week whenever possible. And for anyone to tell me to take […]

Breakin’ the Law

Breakin’ the Law is a most excellent song that my oh so famous rock band covered back in the 80s. (My hair was awesome even then, just bigger!) Now that I have you here, I would like to tell you […]

Do You Believe In Magic

I was at the gym today (shocking, isn’t it) running on the treadmill and saw something that had me shaking my head in disbelief. Now I know what you’re thinking (so stop thinking that and pay attention), and no, it […]

Well That Was Fast

There is a clock that hangs on the wall of my office.. it’s a Hathaway & Co Timekeeper (one of a kind, just like me!) and was custom designed and built just for me (just like you!). It’s quite elegant […]

Bent Out of Shape

Hey did ya see that sky today?  Talk about blue. Ya I don’t even want to go into how long it’s been since the last post. I suffer from non-posting guilt enough on my own (if fact, entirely on my […]

Don’t Be Alarmed

If you’re any kind of stalker at all (and I concede that you have, at times, outstalked even me), then you know that I went to see the ol’ hometown over the weekend. You know, catch up with the family, […]

So What’s Stopping You?

Guess who has another gym story for you! I knew you would be so excited. (you can just pretend if you’re not) I’ve been saving this one up for a week, just waiting for the right opportunity to share it. […]

Falling for You

Yes I know it’s been another week between posts (another week! what the crap) well it’s not because I haven’t been thinking about you. And it’s not because I haven’t had anything to say. Yah, I don’t really have any […]

Tell Me What You Want (What You Really Really Want)

I want a really long post title. Oh look! I got one. I went to a pool party last night. An actual pool party with a pool full of water. (you were thinking 8 ball corner pocket, weren’t you?) It […]

Do As I Say

That’s it. That’s all you need to know. There is not ‘not as I do’ or ‘and/or this will happen’. Okay, you know I’m just kidding, right? But believe it or not the title of the post does have something […]

Let’s Make a Deal

It’s been almost a week since the last post. Almost a week! ((what have you been doing hathaway?!)) You wouldn’t believe me if I told you. OK. You might believe me, but nobody else would. 🙂 I got up late […]

I Had a Wild Weekend

I was at the gym this morning (yes, I tell a lot of gym stories… its one of the most consistent things in my life) talking with a couple of the guys in the locker room (about manly things, I […]

My Head is Spinning

Well look who’s back. It’s me! and it’s you. Yes, I’ve been slacking off on the posts again… (you should see my social calendar… just completely filled) Okay, so I could do better at the writing. How often do you […]

Give Me a Boost

Where have you been? OK… good point. Where have I been? It’s been a very busy weekend, and an even busier start to the week. I’ve really missed talking to you (and you have been very patient), and appreciate you […]

When You Most Expect It

Guess who went to yoga class at the gym today… go ahead, guess. Nope. It was me. (how could you miss that?) You might know that I am a little bit obsessed with the gym; you know, the whole 4:30 […]

My Daily Heartoscope

Did you see that moonrise last night?! Wow, talk about gorgeous! Seeing the moonrise over the mountains like that, with the beautiful Arizona spring weather, well it makes you want to just sit in the porch swing and stare at […]

I’d Like Some More

I’m not sure if you are aware of it or not, but I’ve kinda been on a roll. Not so much a kaiser roll, or even a cinnamon roll, but more like a things are really workin’ out for me […]

It’s All About the Hair

I decided that it was time for a haircut. I know, I just got a haircut (I try to do that every 10 years or so). The current hair was getting a little too “feathery” and a whole lot too […]

Welcome to the Main Event

this will have to serve as a teaser, cuz I haven’t had a minute with the big keyboard… You’ll get a real post (or what passes for that here) as soon as I can get untangled. But here’s a preview […]

Who’s Driving?

If you are doing your homework and are the stalker that I know you can be, you know that I’m in Hawaii right now (gasp). I know! In Hawaii in the sun and sand and the sea. Okay, well in […]

Where Are You?

Have I ever told you that I really like airports? I’m not really a big plane fanatic and I don’t park at the end of runways to scream as planes fly overhead (although that suddenly sounds like a great idea). […]

I Hope You’re Happy

Well, hello again. How you doin’? Well you look fantastic! I’ll bet you thought you were never going to get another post again… you might have even crept off to other web sites. Well, it’s good to be back (and […]


I’ve been found out. That’s right. While I was out there on the lake catching dinner for the hungry masses (can you say fish tacos), somebody was back here Googling me. Oh I knew it would happen sooner or later. […]

Are You Ready…

Well hello there! What’s that? Well, yes… as a matter of fact I am on the lake right now (if you are any kind of stalker at all you know that). Not anywhere near a computer (we all know that […]

While I’m Away

I know I’m out fishing now, and you’ve been thinking that you won’t hear from me until I come back with all those awesome fishing stories and fantastic photos of the lake (I’ll leave my white legs out of it […]

In My Dreams

OK. You’re not delusional. And this was an awesome Lost. I took a quick peak on the boards and a lot of people are saying that the writers have lost their minds and the producers are crazy because nobody even […]

I’m Lost With You

“I’ve seen something real. I’ve seen the truth.” ~ Charlie Best.Day.Ever. 1. There is no way you could have had a day as good as I’ve just had. Okay, maybe you could have, but there is no hope for anybody […]

It’s the Law

Yesterday was a pretty tough day for me. Call it post melodrama depression ((okay, can we move on from the melodrama already?)), call it associations with the time of year or call it the fact that I really am crazy, […]

Take It Easy

Got this quote yesterday, and thought you might appreciate it.    I really like the positive vibration/intent stuff (as you might know).  This will not replace today’s post, btw, just may be a supplement. 🙂 from Abraham Be easy about […]

What a Wonderful World

I got to the gym late this morning… really late. (long night, no work = late) Do you remember how I told you about the girl at the front counter who almost acts like I’m almost not an inconvenience when […]

Let’s Make a Life Together

After yesterday’s post, I spent quite a bit of time in discussion with myself over the whole concept of what it is that makes us into us. After that conversation, I reached a few conclusions: miniature dachshunds and penguins are […]

It’s Who I Am

I thought we would start out the post today by going over the greatest bands in history: 1. Styx Any questions? Good.  Now that we have that out of the way, we can move on to the actual post of […]

What Are the Odds

I’m seeing stars.  Billions of stars.  As of this writing I have just been sitting on my back porch looking at stars.  And yes, I am lucky enough that I can really see the stars in my back yard.  (I […]

Boots With the Spurs

Do you remember a few days ago when I told you I had a really amusing story? You know, I hinted around it trying to catch your attention, then got all distracted… right? Remember? No? ummm Wow! Look at that! […]

What A Difference You’ve Made

Call me melancholy, call me old, call me Dee (melodrama pun-yes I’m still doing that!  get off me!)… I love new beginnings – new years, birthdays, first days of school (okay, so I hated school all the way around), first day […]

I See Red… Cars…?

OK. Cut me a little slack here. I spent all day trying to work my Daytona (the race car) in with “I see dead people”. (Hey, wow. that seems a little creepy. Weird post already, huh?) Have you seen the […]

Let Go

What a surprise… Dee is posting another David Choi song. I know it’s 2 songs in a row and there’s no freakin’ post yet today. Anticipation, remember? I was out running through the wild country behind my house this morning […]

The Best of Times

I had a post all ready to put up, but it just doesn’t seem to work as well for me today as this song does… but I promise you’ll like the post when I put it up tomorrow. Did I […]

But I Still Have Checks Left!

I can’t be out of  money… I still have checks left! Yeah, it’s an old joke, but you know what?  It is not just a stupid joke (but mostly, it’s a stupid joke);  I know!  I was as surprised as […]

Please Come to Boston

woke up with this one playin’ in my skull… what the heck was I dreaming about?

Almost Like a Song

Our ability to relate senses to emotions is simply fascinating; for example (and a temporary sidetrack of the original intent of this post), the smell of  band-aids takes me back to 8 years old and an after-school program I was in. […]

If I Haven’t Told You-

I am officially suffering from PMDD – post melodrama depression. Speaking of melodrama, I have a fan. That’s right, a loyal following (in real life, even!) – and it is the coolest thing in the world. It has been a […]

When I Was Your Age…

I love the smell of alfalfa, hay, fresh dirt and those other good-smelly country smells. But not cow. You'd think I would hate the smell of hay because I bucked about 30 thousand tons of hay growing up.

Bulldog Saves the Day

Okay, loyal fans of… You get the special preview of the melodrama photos & videos while I figure out the best way to get them shared with the world without killing servers & websites. 🙂 (((shhhh don’t tell anyone, […]

Melodrama Drama

Last night was the opening of the Buckeye Actor’s Guild presentation of “Bulldog Saves the Day”, in which I play the white-hatted sheriff who wins the heart and hand of the beautiful Ms Broadway. Tonight is the closing. I know, it seems […]

Are You Lost?

SPOILER ALERT! This post refers to Lost, Season 6, Episode 9. If you watch Lost and haven’t seen this episode, go catch up and then come read this! I want my 60 minutes back.  Keep in mind that I don’t […]

Oh How Embarrassing!

I’ve been Googled.  I felt it and enjoyed it immensely.  It tickled a little, but it kinda left a sore spot when it was done. Yesterday I confessed that I am a creepy stalker and google people.  I google other […]

Who’s Awesome?

Abe and I were talking about you the other day and came to a conclusion…

Don’t Be Phishbait!

Phishing Scams No, you did not really win the European lottery. No, you have not been chosen to  be an import/export representative for an Asian ceramics company. No, you should not click on that link to verify your ebay, paypal […]

Recent Articles

The Robots are Calling

Starting Sept 1 (that’s today!), the Federal Trade Commission banned most prerecorded, or robot, telemarketing calls to "consumers".  From this day those calls are supposed to be permissable only if the robot has written authority from you. "American consumers have […]

google conquest authority

My first exposure to internet marketing was in 2002.  I attended a seminar on how to get your website to rank well in the search engines.  Although I pretty much understood everything that they were presenting at the seminar, there […]

Don’t be a Twit

Ways to Get People to Unfollow You on Twitter (If you find this offensive, let me know so I can unfollow you.) Twitter is an absolutely amazing tool.  And there are some amazing tools using Twitter. Few things in the […]


I’ve been lately searching for better wordpress themes for my niche sites.  Don’t get me wrong; I love all the free themes that are out there.. it’s just that I’ve developed my own preferences for layout, color, header graphics, underline […]

Advice From a Penguin

Dive into life. Find warmth among friends. Appreciate snow days. Take long walks. Stand together. Go the extra mile. Keep your cool.

The News is Bad (and That Ain’t Good)