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My first exposure to internet marketing was in 2002.  I attended a seminar on how to get your website to rank well in the search engines.  Although I pretty much understood everything that they were presenting at the seminar, there really wasn’t any focus on making money on the internet.

The information I received was geared strictly towards getting your site ranked; I took that information to get the site of  my employer to rank well.   What I didn’t realize was that I was taking all that information that I had learned to make the boss richer, and all I got was a little more work piled on my desk because I knew how to do a little SEO.

Since that time I have put together a handful of websites of my own, all purely informational; no sales pitch, no products.

Last November my wife’s circle of friends ran across a course on internet marketing and search engine optimization being offered by someone name Alex Goad.   I reviewed the sales page and wasn’t really impressed.  Another get-rich scheme didn’t reallyappeal to me.  Then I watched the video on putting together web sites and posts.

If you’ve ever built a web site, you know how much work goes into it.  Even a simple site can take a lot of hard work.

If you’ve ever tried to rank using some SEO tactics, you know how hard it can be to figure out what code goes where and how much of what keywords go into which part of the website.  It can be pretty mind-boggling.

Watching the Google Conquest video had me standing there with my mouth hanging open.  You can put a site together in just a few minutes.  (after a few months of doing this, I can put a site together in about 10 minutes, and have it ranked on page 1 within a few days!)

Alex Goad has taken all the work out of putting a site together AND all the guess work out of what is necessary to get a site to rank on Google.  (by the way, ranking on Yahoo is pretty much a given with this system)  He as even taken the wonder out of making money with your website.

I won’t go into the details here, you can head on over to the conquest authority site and read about what the program has to offer as well as my completely killer bonus package.  You can also go straight to Alex’s page and check out all the action there (but you’ll miss out on the best bonus package ever!)


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