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With over 30 years experience in technology, I've seen pretty much everything.  
Yes, you need to reboot.


My innovative approach to problem solving consistently leads to better, more efficient results.
There is no box.


I've been leading agencies, projects and people for over 2 decades and consider the teams I've built among my greatest achievements.


My blog turned book became an Amazon #1 best seller.  Check it out below.


I've created dozens of websites that rank on the first page... including this one!
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My Amazon #1 Best-selling book...

Stop Being Average
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Recent Writings

Just Get Started

Just get started! Oh heyyyyyyy... Long time no blog, right? Well, thank you all for the huge success of my book launch! I did hit #1 on Amazon, but might have fallen a bit in the rankings since. It takes a LOT to launch a book! Almost as much as it takes to write a […]

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You'll Grow Into It

You'll Grow Into It When I was a kid, a.k.a. a long, long time ago, the most usual method of updating my wardrobe was not to go to Nordstrom and drop $500 to buy a pair of jeans that are pre-ripped and look like they have mud on them (it's a thing; look it up). […]

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She lay in bed for far too long... Long after the alarm went off. Long after the time when she normally would have showered, dressed and rolled out the door. She probably would be too late to get breakfast by now, and it might even be too late to get a cup of coffee before […]

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